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Email marketing is not a new concept for enterprises. With the growth of social media and mobile marketing, email marketing can be considered a very cost effective and powerful (when used correctly) tool to achieve your company’s marketing goals. Maybe you have already realized (your competitors have!) the effectiveness of email marketing to reach your target audience. Do you know investing some time and a very few dollars on your email marketing campaign can transform your business from ‘OK’ to ‘Excellent’ quickly? Email marketing, a crucial communication channel between you, your clients and your potential customers, is the backbone of your business marketing. Yes, believe me, effective, targeted email marketing will make the difference.

Now you don’t want to see your business email in the spam folder, you want to create mission-critical email marketing campaigns. So consider the following before launching any email marketing campaign:

Why Use Email Marketing?

Simple it’s the biggest return in your marketing budget.


Your email message must meet your customer’s needs and that normally means making more sales, making more margin or cutting costs. The marketing messages should be created in such a way that it establishes a relationship with the reader. So you need to understand your reader before writing an effective email message.


To know the weaknesses and strength of your competitors, you need to analyze competitors’ emails, or even just the email campaigns of your service providers. Get to know the timing and frequency of your competitors’ emails. Are they sending relationship-building emails? What products/services do they mention? What is their strategy to approach different marketing sectors? Do they know your customer better than you do?

Let’s Talk About

Reading this article, some of you might be thinking that email marketing is both demanding and time consuming. Does it really have a strong payoff? You are thinking about all the rubbish emails in your inbox right now! Well that’s exactly what we are saying, targeted, effective emails not just an email sent because you think you should.

Now think about the emails you have responded to………harder? Of course!! You just followed up because it was of interest, no big decision was made by you - you just followed up. And you will have, that’s why digital marketing keeps growing and growing……..it works!!! Actual cost of sending an email? Cost of materials used? Its time that you need to invest in. Or do you……………….?
Vidushi offers a managed email marketing service at very affordable rate. At Vidushi we also understand that you all experienced business people, we do not pitch or hard sell anything as we have plenty of confidence that you will see the wood for the trees.

Email Marketing – Plan and Pricing

  • eMail Campaign Setup
  • Manage subscribers
  • Import subscribers
  • eMail Campaign
  • Reports/Analytics

  • One Newsletter Built
  • - Create Newsletter Design - $ 150
    - HTML/CSS: $ 140
    - Setup for Campaign in the Newsletter tool - $ 40
    - Total - $ 330

  • Package I
  • - Upto 1,000 email addresses every month
    - Total - $ 350 / mth (Inclusive of one Newsletter built)

  • Package II
  • - 1,000 - 2,500 email addresses every month
    - Total - $ 399 / mth (Inclusive of one Newsletter built)

  • Package III
  • - 2,500 - 5,000 email addresses every month
    - Total - $ 450 / mth (Inclusive of one Newsletter built)

  • Package IV
  • - 5,000 - 25,000 email addresses every month
    - Total - $ 499 / mth (Inclusive of one Newsletter built)

*Note – email content is provided by the client/IC.

Dedicated Account Manager
for Socials - $ 12 / hr

The dedicated account manager for socials covers all above perspectives for the deliverables provided the site is developed or a post development.

Responsibilities (KRA) -

  • Handling multiple and maximum Google Analytical Tool accounts at one given time.
  • Best to deliver solutions for the latest Google Panda and Penguin activities.
  • Provide solutions on Social Media Branding
  • Blue Prints of Post, Tweets creation for high user engagement
  • Monthly reports on activity and conversion details
  • Facebook Campaign
  • LinkedIn Marketing Activity
  • Youtube Channel Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Key Factor -(Get benefits on ROI with the Online Marketing activities carried by your dedicated Accounts Manager for Social). This promotion is only for this month as the normal per hours charges for the account manager is $ 15 /hr.
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