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Stay with the Latest Product version:

BE CMS was designed to accelerate and automate version upgrades. This is very important that you should not simply upgrade your BE version, without having a fresh full backup. BE 7.2 is a significant upgrade version and it includes a number of excellent new features for BE.

Vidushi Infotech highly recommends existing BE websites upgrade immediately for new additional features, additional performance enhancements, bug fixes, and additional security protections. BE 7.2 includes an updated SQL module, latest JavaScript Library Management, latest enhanced search, user friendly control panel and many other improvements.

The New Service:

Below is reason - Why Vidushi Infotech is ahead for Business Edge Annual Support!

Your normal Cost Your Savings (With AMC Package)
Upgradation - $ 250
Includes all the services given in the Yearly AMC column:
Responsive - $ 299
Page URL User friendly / 301 redirections (Infinity Module)- $ 100
Dynamic Form - $ 70
Browser Compatibility - $ 105
Health Checkup - $ 70
Other miscellaneous tasks - $ 0

Total - $900

$900 $ 399 / year (Annual Maintenance)

Your Savings - $ 500
Advantage – 3 hours of Free support on any task or consultation with our expertise.


Vidushi follows standard process to upgrade your BE sites and those are follow. Process of version upgrade in Vidushi.

Download site files from given FTP and use the provided database.

Set up the site on Vidushi local system.

Upgrade the version with latest version.

Set up the site on production server.

Present the site to client.

If whole site is working properly, we initiate for development sign off.

Move the upgraded site files database on online server.

Version upgrade require below details:

FTP - Server IP | User Name | password.

Current database - back up files.

Host User name and password.

How to buy annual maintenance BE plan?

For unlimited support and annual maintenance BE plan, get in touch with our business consultant through email or Skype. If you are an existing customer, just contact the concern person as they will assist you with a cost-effective solution………That’s our promise.


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