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Truly someone has said it right. CHANGE is the only thing that is CONSTANT in everyone’s life. Well if it applies for human, it equally applies for technology too. World is changing and no one likes to stay behind. You own a website to present yourself as a brand and reputation in the e-marketplace. But what if your website is getting a little long in the tooth?

You are ultimately losing your company business and credibility.
Well there are various reasons to prove the above comment Right.

Why you should replace your old website:


To be honest, would anyone do business with a company who have a professional, responsive, clean, crispy and modern website or one with an antique website that should have been discarded years ago?


If your website has the same old look, old coding, not compatible, it will probably look terrible on a smartphone or tablet. 25% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device and that number is growing fast. We built Adaptive and Responsive solutions.


Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox have changed a lot over the years. New Patches and language/platform versions are been introduced in the modern market. Your old website may well not work properly with one or more of them. Will a customer stick/stay on the website to look out for more information? Don’t think so.


Modern websites are easy, robust and user friendly to keep updated with a CMS. Adding pages, posts, changing text, font, and changing images is simple for even a novice user with a website built on a good CMS. Bet you can't do that with your old website. So here’s the offer: We are offering 10% off our website list price s to anyone with a website over 3 years old. No catches, no gimmicks. Sounds great?

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Website Portfolio:

Star Telecom

A Telecom brand to give a user


A project in development phase which caters to a shopping brand AURORA. It is made for perfection for customers to purchase the latest Accessories and products for this unique brand

Personal Leadership in Action

HTML5/Responsive version Leadership model - from a GOOD to IDEAL Personal Leadership for personality development

Business Brilliant

This Responsive version project more like a Blog explains and shares the values for success of self-made millionaires. Lessons from the greatest self-made Business Icons.

Natural Awakenings of Chattanooga

A Responsive magazine/monthly that focuses on local events as well as national articles and brings professional, timely healthy living information.

Feedback Comments:

“We are very happy about VIT and would recommend to folks who need technical webspaces designed. Specifically, 1. Quick response by team 2. Went and learned new things to be able to do the job on their own initiative. This speaks of good technical culture 3. Developed a content management service for the site even without us asking for it. Shows great service culture with ability to anticipate a clients needs. ”

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