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Which One Should you Choose?

We develop and customize all 3 – Wordpress with WooCommerce, Drupal and Magento.

Instead of giving it a second-thought, our ability or bias towards one platform or the other, leave this to us: all three platforms provide the framework and capability for some huge online selling portals and are all concrete choices. The best solution really does depend on your specific needs. Usually, for small ecommerce stores a WordPress with Woocommerce or a Drupal with Ubercart installation would be a good choice. For huge stores however, Magento is simply the best.

What exactly is the need?

  • Consider cautiously how you want your online shop to function today and tomorrow.
  • How many products would be on the store?
  • Measure whether you’re capable of doing a little bit of configurational changes, or whether it’s best to leave it to the experts like us (Vidushi engineers who can cater all your queries with solutions).
  • Understand the realistic goals, the capabilities, and the real business requirements which is what will drive a successful eCommerce website.

Getting your website up and running is simple. Select a pretty template and club it to on one of the leading open source platforms and you’re open for business. But how do you expand into the world of selling online? That’s where things start to get a little trickier. To help you decide amongst the varying platforms, we’ve expertise in all the three incredible and powerful solutions: WordPress, Drupal and Magento. To make things little bit simpler, we’ve laid it all out for you with a open review of each platform.


No matter which way you phrase it, it’s fair to say that this platform is the most popular content management system in the present open source market. Vidushi has developed 1000 websites now on this open source solution. First of all, as with most WordPress plugins, there is no single solution that has such a wide range of different eCommerce options to choose from, all varying in quality and price. Some of the big names include WooCommerce and WP e-commerce.


  • The clear advantage that WordPress holds is its sheer simplicity and the fact that it’s so user-friendly. Same with Woo.
  • Its interface is spontaneous while powerful at the same time. Even lehman’s tend to find it easy to get started.
  • Few default gateways and easily pluggable payment interfaces.
  • Interfacing with 3rd party tools or developing APIs to interact with those. We have all experts inhouse.
  • Responsive using Bootstrap Framework

Drupal with Ubercart

With more than couple of years now and with the version changes we have set ourselves at par for Drupal development. Engineering with the most AGILE framework, responsive coding and an extensive knowledge in various modules and customizations we find it more than easy to develop any solutions using Drupal framework. When it comes to eCommerce integrations we find UberCart as the best alternative.


  • Ubercart is more out of the box solution as it requires some skills which we have acquired down the line.
  • Ubercart is always the choice as it integrates beautifully even in highly complex websites.
  • If you have a website that is only going to be an online store with basic functionality, things are very easy.
  • It’s flexible, uses the strength of inbuilt Drupal modules, and is overall much more adaptable.

Of course, this flexibility also means that it’s not the easiest ‘out of the box’ solution out there but Vidushi resources make it easy for you.


The name suggests its supremacy. Magento is the leader of the eCommerce game.

It’s been around for a long time and has a wide user base – over 200,000 businesses currently have an installation of Magento running on their websites.

So what is it that makes it such a popular option?

  • To put it in simple terms – Magento is an out-of-the-box solution that gives you advanced modules that works as per your needs.
  • The modules are all tried and tested, ensuring you won’t run into any challenging problems and our engineers are skilled enough to handle all.
  • The clear advantage you get with Magento is that it’s a mature platform.
  • Has all the salient features that a high end eCommerce needs.

In terms of coding, there’s a very steep learning curve and it’s not always straightforward to change the inner workings of the standard functionality. For Vidushi developers, they make it way easy with the wide experience and exposure they have on this platform.


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