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Have you always been taking efforts on SEO of your website but havenever come across any good rankings so far?
Or are you not sure of the reason behind your website’s gradually degrading online presence?

Well, we can seemingly conclude the cause to be inappropriate SEO strategy.
However, there could be one more reason - Penalization by Google.

And Vidushi’s expert professionals can help you with either of the two!

Ineffective SEO

In spite of consistent SEO efforts, it’s possible that there’re no visible results to support the success of that particular SEO strategy. When the SEO is insufficient and ineffective, the ultimate result often has no significant impact on your online presence. Incompetent SEO is least likely to improve your traffic and rankings.
If you’re doing everything single-handedly without any expert knowledge, you’ll never know what lacks in your efforts and what exactly you should do to improve. Here’s when an SEO professional helps you!

We can help you...


We have a team of qualified and experienced SEO professionals to study your website deeper and craft an appropriate SEO strategy for you. We ultimately aim to take your site high in traffic and rankings.

How our SEO experts help you?

  • Diagnose & analyze the issue
  • Monitor your current website SEO status
  • Suggest the appropriate solution for overall betterment

Google Penalty

Are you lately experiencing a significant drop in website rankings? Is your organic search traffic dwindling since a few weeks?

Beware! All this might be followed by catastrophic consequences on your leads and eventually revenue! Yes, because these signs indicate chances that you have been the victim of a manual Google penalty or an algorithmic devaluation!

Being a website owner, if there’s something that constantly scares you; it’s Google penalty. However, if you’ve already been hit by Google, it’s definitely going to trouble you and it’s high time you fight back to bounce once again on the web. It’s critical to avoid the possible reputation damage and recover from the penalty as fast as possible. This is where a professional penalty removal expert comes in to picture!


Vidushi’s highly knowledgeable experts are here to your rescue from the adverse effects of Google penalty. We help you with what’s best for you in the long run.

Google Reconsideration Request & Manual Penalty Recovery

Do you know the possible reasons behind your penalization?

  • Incompetent SEO
  • Broken links
  • Spammy link building
  • Misuse of on-page activities
  • Duplicate content

No matter what the reason is. Violate Google algorithm’s rules by any means, and you’re subject for a Google penalty. However, we thoroughly analyze the cause of penalization and then work on it accordingly.


Specialized in Google penalty removal since quite a few years now, we’ve already helped a number of clients to get back to life after there were hit by a penalty. We always make sure that the penalty removal services we provide work appropriately to get affected websites back to life.

So, are you ready to get back on the track? We’re here to help you with SEO and penalty recovery!

To know how we can help, feel free to get in touch with our experts today!