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Disability Discrimination Act (DDA): Does your website comply?

It’s not always easy to create an accessible web design and solution.

How can Vidushi help you?

Vidushi has a humungous experience and skilled resources since the time of ADA, WAI, W3C versions and WCAG standards. Our research team with digital marketing assures and ensures to provide your websites compliance adhering to all the DDA standards.

Your website should conform to the W3C guidelines for Accessibility. Here are some checks which makes your website compliant...Can you?

  • Resize the text on your website to 18px or larger?
  • Navigate easily without using mouse?
  • Do all images used have ‘Alt’ text?
  • Use descriptive Titles for every page.
  • Do Videos have subtitles available?
  • No repeatedly flashing or strobing images.
  • Don’t design the page in a way that limits user from setting their own browser preferences, i.e. – design everything in relative sizes.
  • Use valid HTML. Simplify sequences – limit choice and number of steps.

and many more guidelines...

What happens if our website does not comply?

A disabled person can make a claim if a website makes it unfeasible or unreasonably difficult to access information and services. If one has not made reasonable adjustments and cannot show that this malfunction is acceptable, then one can be liable under the Act, and may have to pay compensation and be ordered by a court to change the site.

An accessible website offers huge benefits to your business:

  1. Future-Proofing - A website coded to accessibility guidelines will function correctly in all internet technology, both now and in the future. This will save you re-developing your site every year with some new inventions in technology (e.g. PDAs, web TV etc)
  2. Better Search Engine Rankings - The more accessible your web site is for your visitors, the more accessible it will be for search engines.
  3. Faster Page Loading Times – Using optimized and standard code; have fewer images and generally less ‘bloat’, so your site loads faster for all visitors. A happy visitor becomes a happy customer.
  4. Enhanced Public Image - Advertising the fact that you have adhered all aspects of accessibility will serve you well in all aspects of public relations.