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If its not happened for 2016 LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN for 2017 – We are with you !!!

Today we will discuss about the latest digital marketing techniques and how Vidushi makes things easier via digital marketing down to just 8 key techniques which are crucial for businesses to manage today AND for individual marketers to develop skills.

We provide all below services in Spanish, French and Portuguese Language too.

  • Content marketing remains at the top as more businesses are using strategic approach nowadays. With skilled and specialized multi lingual skills we focus on Measuring Content Marketing ROI as the cost and competition within content marketing increases

  • Marketing Automation enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the marketing and sales process – We support for prospect and customer profiling on landing pages, lead scoring, sending automated personalized emails and web recommendations for lead nurturing and customer engagement.

  • Social Media Marketing - Many western markets with Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are growing in usage.
    • We particularly make changes such that businesses now need to 'pay to play' to get the reach needed to have an impact.
    • We continue to innovate in targeting and remarketing options.

  • Search Engine Optimization – With the current google algorithm we mostly use Mobile marketing SEO techniques.
    This year we focus on:
    • Google's mobile-only index search in 2017
    • Right Column Ads Gone Longer Titles and Descriptions
    • Mobile-Friendly Label Gone AMP Update

  • Paid search marketing – Being a Google partner; Google AdWords which is the most important form of Pay Per Click, we focus on pursuing their 'Mobile-first' strategy

  • Google Analytics – Vidushi with its certified resource have enhanced skills to manage - Google Analytics campaign tracking, Integration, setup and Optimisation with Google Analytics

  • Communities - We focus on branded niche or vertical communities.

  • Display advertising – Gaining proficiency down the years we efficiently manage Display advertising via banners on publishers, ad networks social media including retargeting and programmatic.