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Social media is the biggest platform than anyone for advertising which we would have ever imagined a decade ago. With Facebook and Instagram the average customers count is approx 2 billion.
Hence if you’re not advertising yourself on Social Media; is a serious mistake.

So if you want to turn social media users into customers – LET US FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE 8 STRATEGIES


Google/Bing users intent are more on purchasing perspective whereas Facebook users are more to socialize. Hence you have to pitch inciting words on your Ads, but the intent should sound like a friend and not a salesperson.


Studies show videos attract more attention than static creatives.  You can buy 3-second unskippable ads that appear before a video plays or a longer, in-stream skippable ad that typically appears during the video.


People are normally on mobile phones when on socials, so optimize your Ads: Turn your horizontal video ads to vertical video ads.

  • Add captions in video ads because most people view videos on their phones with sound off.
  • Make your image ads bright and colorful so they can stand out against a cluttered mobile newsfeed.


As the Stories feature grew in popularity, Instagram launched Stories Ads, 15-second vertical video ads that appear between people’s Stories. Now, according to Facebook, Stories is the fastest growing product in Facebook history.


Critics sometimes help us improve our service or products. Respond them. This shows customers that you are eager to deliver the best customer service. Besides, it looks better to address an issue instead of ignoring it completely.


Finding the best strategy requires constant A/B testing. For example, testing two ads with two different copies, images, or ad formats. Once you find the ad that outperforms the others, run it until the performance drops. Once it does, refresh the creative and try again.


Often, people who see your ad won’t purchase at that very moment. In fact, they might see your ad, ignore, and continue scrolling through their feeds. However, they might convert after the second, third, or fourth try. For that reason, it’s important to retarget people who clicked on your ad but did not do the desired action.

Don’t be scared to retarget these people. If they’re clicking on your ad, they’re apparently interested—they just need a LITTLE PUSH.